Triple Layer Gauze Burp Cloth 'Hawaii Mountain, Sun and Birds / 'Iao + Iwas'

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100% cotton gauze burp cloth. This is a new product and different from our other burp cloths. These are more light weight and a bit smaller. They're exceptionally portable as they can roll up into a small size and washing and drying is much faster for these as well.

Design is on one side only, the bottom side is plain white gauze.

These are made out of three layers of double gauze material. Size is 10" x 18" (before washing - some shrinkage will occur). They crinkly up really nicely after washing and become softer and softer after washings. There may be a bit of flexibility in sizing, but not by much.

Machine wash in cool water preferred and take care not to put it in the wash with velcro or anything that can snag the material. Not to be used unattended by a guardian and not meant for sleeping.