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About us

Bitty Bambu celebrates the classic, strident spirit of youth and offers endearingly styled play -wear for little heroines.  These high quality garments are hand cut and created for days spent chasing butterflies, bubbles or other adventures; ideal for daydreaming, flower picking or simply sitting pretty.   Childhood is like a new dawn: bright, pure and filled with promise.  This sense is woven into each product with colors and prints that are full of optimism and wonder and an attention to small and impressive details for a dainty yet vibrant appeal.  Let your little light shine uniquely with the fresh bohemian style of Bitty Bambu.

 Born from the clothing line are equally exciting items that make great gifts for your loved ones or for yourself.  Patchwork clutches that are filled with fun and aloha; pillows with dynamic designs to freshen up your living space; and the perfect addition any baby shower gift, brilliantly styled burp cloths to keep any mama happy and inspired.